Where can you fly to from Southend Airport?

If you're flying out of Southend Airport, the travel possibilities are endless. With up to forty-five routes to choose from, you can't go wrong picking any of these exciting destinations. Whether you are looking to travel along the canals of Venice, sightsee in the heart of Paris, or castaway to an idyllic island getaway, this guide will help you decide which of these destinations is right for you.

1.Southend Airport to Iasi, Romania

Iasi is a bustling Romanian metropolis filled with grand historical architecture and an array of cultural attractions. It is the capital of art, history, and entertainment in Romania. It's best known for its towering cathedrals and botanical gardens but boasts a vibrant city life. There are a variety of restaurants, cafes, theatres, and shops to choose from in addition to a lively nightlife scene.

southend airport to romania

2.Southend Airport to Derry, Ireland

Derry, also known as Londonderry, is the foremost city of Northern Ireland. This urban centre is one of the few cities in Ireland to be entirely enclosed by stone walls. With its rich history, natural beauty, and evolving cityscape, people of any age will enjoy a visit to this destination.

Southend airport to derry ireland

3.Southend Airport to Sibiu, Romania

Sibiu, located in historic Transylvania, is another Romanian city worth checking out. This medieval city is perfect for tourists looking to travel back in time. In addition, the city is host to several seasonal fairs, celebrations, and cultural showcases. Anyone interested in Romanian history and culture will be delighted by this charming location.

Southend Airport to Sibiu


4. Southend Airport to Bucharest, Romania

The capital city of Romania, and once home to a desolate communist state, Bucharest is now the site of a rapidly expanding and modern city. Bucharest has been compared both to Berlin and Paris but has its own unique flair. The city has an unrivalled music scene, so expect to see plenty of live bands and musicians.

southend airport to bucharest

5. Southend Airport to Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is the picturesque capital city of Lithuania. Its unique baroque styled architecture lends to a fun and quirky atmosphere specific to this region. The city has plenty of great restaurants, an abundance of beautiful natural views, and has been named a world heritage site. If you are looking to travel somewhere new, this city is definitely worth a visit.

southend airport to vilnius

6. Southend Airport to Aberdeen, Scotland

Aberdeen, located in Northeastern Scotland, is best known for its granite made buildings but is home to a variety of landscapes. The city is situated along the coastline. If you are looking to take a walk along the beach, go fishing, or spot some sea life, this is a great destination. Closer to the centre of the city, you can explore castles and national parks, and try delicious food and quality Scottish whiskey.

southend airport to scotland

7. Southend Airport to Alicante, Spain

This Spanish port city is the perfect destination for families. Alicante is host to several quality resorts situated on an expanse of beautiful beaches located along the Costa Blanca. This ideal summer getaway not only has great weather but historical roots. So if you are looking for a unique vacation spot, this might be the place for you.

southend airport to alicante spain

8. Southend Airport to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of Europe's most famous cities, known for both its excess and easy living attitude. The city has everything you are looking for from historic art museums; boat rides on winding canals, unique buildings, and a thriving and infamous nightlife. Whether you are looking to indulge or looking to relax, Amsterdam has something to offer all of its visitors.

southend airport to amsterdam

9. Southend Airport to Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp is a city of exports. It has a flourishing diamond market, a well-known chocolate industry, and a place among the great fashion capitals of the world. If you are looking for a high-end shopping destination, this is the city for you. You will find streets full of high-end shops, and an abundance of luxury restaurants and clubs to visit after you finish dropping off your purchases.

10. Southend Airport to Barcelona, Spain

A cultural centre of the world, Barcelona is home to some of the most famous architecture and art in Europe. Millions of tourists visit this Spanish city each year to see the work of Gaudi whose work is scattered throughout the city. His famous cathedral is a must-see sight and a world heritage site. Along with history, Barcelona is known for its mouth-watering food and thriving nightlife.

southend airport to barcelona

11. Southend Airport to Milan Bergamo, Italy

Bergamo is known for its natural beauty and historical significance. Situated in northern Italy, this sleepy Medieval town is enclosed by beautiful Venetian walls which date back to the 1500s. This hilltop getaway boasts enchanting landscapes, spiralling cathedrals, and fresco art. This rare gem of Italy is perfect for those wanting a historical adventure.

12. Southend Airport to Bilbao, Spain

Another coastal location, this Spanish city is encircled between hills and beaches. What sets this site apart from other coastal cities is its unique works from contemporary builders and artists. The city is home to experimental metal buildings and artwork. If you are looking for a beachfront with an interesting artistic twist, Bilbao is the place for you.

13. Southend Airport to Bordeaux, France

The city of Bordeaux is best known around the world for its delectable fine wines. So if you want to visit a french city with renowned spirits, memorable museums, and a riverside view book your plane tickets. You'll find all kinds of excitement here in this sleepless city. Food, good alcohol, and great culture are available all hours of the day.

14. Southend Airport to Brest, France

Brest is a relaxing French port city. Its beautiful seaside views make it perfect for sightseeing, swimming, hiking or simply lounging beachside. In addition, this town is home to Europe's largest aquariums. The aquarium holds thousands of sea creatures and is a great tourist attraction for kids and adults alike.

15. Southend Airport to Caen, France

Caen is known for its natural wild beauty. Located in rural France, this town is known for its rich history. A thousand years ago this the town was established by the famous William the Conqueror. In this town, you can also see old castles, museums, and buildings that are significant to world war two.

16. Southend Airport to Carlisle, Scotland

Carlisle, a historic Scottish city, is known for its ancient monuments and its breathtaking landscape. The city has Roman roots and was once a settlement of the Roman Empire. Remnants of Hadrian's Wall can still be seen in the city. In addition, a visit to Carlisle Castle and the museums in town can bring you in touch with Scottish historical figures.

17. Southend Airport to Chisinau, Moldova

If you are thinking of getting away for a weekend of fun and good food, think about travelling to Chisinau. This city is in driving distance to plenty of quality wineries and is known for its great street food. You can party it up with the friendly locals, lounge in their well known local parks, and eat to your heart's content.

18. Southend Airport to Cluj-Napoca, Romania

From Gothic Churches to botanical gardens to beautiful hiking grounds, there is plenty to do in Cluj-Napoca. You can snap pictures of beautiful 15th- century churches, then go for a bite to eat at a quaint cafe. If you are more interested in nature, a hike around the hills surrounding Lake Tarnita might be more your style.

19. Southend Airport to Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is another thriving historical and cultural centre in Europe. As the capital of Denmark, this Danish city is known for its gourmet dining options, its beautiful gardens, and its rising fashion industry. It is also home to the Danish crown jewels, and a monument dedicated to the little mermaid.

20. Southend Airport to Corfu, Greece

If you are looking to get away from hectic urban areas, and want to relax by the sea, the next site is for you. Corfu is a place of ancient legend and said to be the location of the Greek hero Odysseus's shipwreck. The beautiful clear waters, the small villages, and the remote location all bring a sense of calm and peace to those who visit the island.

21. Southend Airport to Dubrovnik, Croatia

This Croatian city is one you might be familiar with from your tv screen. The landscape of this area was used to shoot the iconic Kings Landing from the tv-show Game of Thrones. The city has great tropical weather, gorgeous beaches, and ancient but beautiful buildings perfect for a photo-op.

22. Southend Airport to Dublin, Ireland

Home of the world-famous Guinness-Beer, Dublin is a must-visit place for beer and history lovers alike. Here you can tour the Guinness museum, take a trip to the Dublin Castle, and see the many natural history and art museums open to the public. Dublin is a city that is starting to take off. With great pubs, shops, and hotels you can't go wrong with a visit here.

23. Southend Airport to Faro, Portugal

Faro is a mix of old and new. Here you can visit medieval villages, stay at top tier resorts, and explore nature untouched in the areas national parks. With a beautiful seascape, many historical sites, awe-inspiring natural wonders, and many famous beaches you are in for one memorable vacation.

24. Southend Airport to Glasgow, Scotland

Another beautiful Scottish location, Glasgow is the most populated city in Scotland and is this port city is growing rapidly. Here you can expect to be treated to the finest opera and ballet performances. You can also find great dining and shopping options.

25. Southend Airport to Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is known around the world for its diplomacy, timeliness, and elegance. In this Swedish cultural centre, you will experience the best dining, shopping, and natural views. Lake Geneva surrounds this wondrous city, and not far away are the alps. There you can enjoy winter sports, like skiing, if you want to.

26. Southend Airport to Guernsey, U.K.

Guernsey is a place to kick back and watch the waves. The beaches are scenic, the shopping is a delight, and the food is to die for. This is another great spot to take your family on vacation. The sunny weather and the well-known resorts won't leave you disappointed if you are looking for the perfect relaxation place.

27. Southend Airport to Groningen, Netherlands

This modern and hip city is an excellent place for those who follow contemporary art. The area has a number of great museums, one of them is even situated on a canal. Other spots around the city showcase artist's work. In addition, if you are the nightlife type, you will find bars and establishments open till the sun rises.

28. Southend Airport to Ibiza, Ibiza

Ibiza is synonymous with wild partying. Every year people travel to this hot spot in hopes of a memorable vacation. Many plan to spend spring break here, others set up bachelor parties. Really if you are looking to have a fun summer on a party island might be the place for you.

29. Southend Airport to Jersey, U.K.

A part of the Channel Islands and one of the largest of the islands, Jersey is a fusion of both French and British sensibilities. This island has beautiful wildlife parks, great beaches, and significant landmarks. You have all the fun of a beach vacation with the convenient closeness of historical monuments and castles.

30. Southend Airport to Kosice, Slovakia

If you aren't into sandy beaches, but you want an area with historical origins and a great nightlife Kosice is an option to consider. This Slovak city is a mishmash of Gothic and Medieval influences thrown together with contemporary tastes. It is an eclectic city full of life and flavour for those seeking a unique vacationing experience.

31. Southend Airport to Lanzarote, Spain

Lanzarote is apart of the famed Canary Islands. Here, you can lounge in a resort town, visit a national park that shows off the volcanic landscape of the area or explore other towns on this popular island retreat. You can visit any time of the year. The area experiences summer weather all twelve months of the year.

32. Southend Airport to Malaga, Spain

Malaga is a Mediterranean paradise filled with high rise hotels, lavish resorts, and amazing beachfront properties. It is also home to the famous Pablo Picasso. You can expect to find quality art museums, good food, and excellent shopping. Those who want a luxury beach vacation with a dash of art culture will enjoy Malaga.

33. Southend Airport to Malta, Malta

Malta is an island full of ancient wonders and structures. With over 7,000 years of history, this site will be a delight to anyone interested in past civilizations. History isn't the only thing the island has to offer. Though The island has well-known diving spots and scenic cliffs and lagoons to enjoy.

34. Southend Airport to Menorca, Spain

This Mediterranean island is known for its pristine white beaches, clear waters, and serene atmosphere. Right off the coast of Spain, this small island offers an array of beautiful vegetation. The area is filled with wildflowers and plants that will excite anyone interested in plant life.

35. Southend Airport to Murcia, Spain

Murcia is a populous Spanish city, filled with history and all the fun of an urban university city. There is plenty to do in this grand metropolis. You can visit cafes, take pictures at the Baroque styled cathedrals famous to the area. If you'd like a taste of nature, the city also has a great zoo that replicates the natural habitats of the animals they take care of.

36. Southend Airport to Newquay, England

This cute coastal town has a lot to offer. The beaches are beautiful, and the wave conditions are perfect for people looking to surf. Newquay is a popular tourist spot that has relaxed vibes and a great aquarium if you are interested in seeing some exotic sea-life. There's also a local zoo to visit.

37. Southend Airport to Palma de Mallorca, Spain

If you are looking to let loose, Mallorca has everything you are looking for. The food scene is full of variety and is very affordable. The nightlife is unrivalled among resort cities. And the beaches are just a walk away. Entertainment, art, and history all come together to enrich this great city.

38. Southend Airport to Paris, France

Paris is a city everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. From the sparkling Eiffel tower to the looming Arc De Triumph, Paris is full of iconic historical monuments familiar to people around the world. The sheer amount of art and culture present in this city alone makes it impossible to see everything in one trip. You'll likely find yourself coming back to Paris after one trip.

39. Southend Airport to Pula, Croatia

This Croatian city has plenty of Roman architecture that has been well kept over the centuries. With its small-town vibes and its close proximity to beaches and resorts, you won't run out of adventure in this coastal city. Summer is the perfect season to visit the area. Many festivals and concerts take place during this time.

40. Southend Airport to Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is steeped full of Gothic history and architecture. If you like to wander through winding streets and see quirky but unique building Prague is a great place to visit. Some people even claim the city rivals Paris in its beauty. As a bonus, the city is also known to have some of the best beer in Europe.

41. Southend Airport to Rennes, France

This French city, also known as Brittany's capital, has a bit of everything. You could stay in town and enjoy some history. The area has a great replica medieval houses. If you are more interested in museums, there are some art and science museums to visit as well. And if you are looking yo visit the beach, you can drive to some nearby coastal towns.

42. Southend Airport to Rues, Spain

Rues was once a town famous for producing quality wines and brandy. Now it is a great spot if you want to take a trip to nearby Barcelona or explore the nature in Catalonia. Resorts are not far away from the area, and if you are especially outdoorsy, you can hike up the nearby mountain range. 43.Sofia, Bulgaria This capital city is one of the oldest in European history. It is surrounded by mountains and is influenced by a number of prominent civilizations including the Greeks, Romans, and ottomans. This has created a diverse yet memorable region with a variety of food, art, and buildings.

44. Southend Airport to Stornoway, Scotland

Stornoway is a bustling harbour town based in Scotland's Western Islands. Expect to find clean white beaches full of amazing wildlife, beautiful mountain scenery, and an array of hotels and restaurants that will suit your needs. This area is quaint but peaceful in its connection to nature.

45. Southend Airport to Tenerife, Spain

This is another area that can be visited at your convenience year-round. Also apart of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is home to the highest peak in Spain, a dormant volcano. The island is known for its music-filled festivals, its black and yellow sand, and its overall fun and colourful atmosphere.

46. Southend Airport to Venice, Italy

We end with Venice, one of the most romantic and well-known cities in Europe. A gondola ride in a canal is a must to fully take in the renaissance styled buildings and palaces found in the city. Here you can explore aimlessly through the tangle of beautiful Italian streets and architecture.